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Gaming with crimson phantoms

Above you see the roles in vainglory, the skull is Carry, the monster looking mouth is Jungler, and the crown is Captain

There are 3 different roles in vainglory, the first role is Carry, carry is the one that plays in the lane, they are ranged hero’s they destroy the turrets, there are minions in the lane that move along with you, turrets wont attack you when there are minions, but it will attack you if you attack an enemy player or if there are no ally minions, the next role is Jungler, it is the role that plays in the jungle, there are minions in the jungle, but they are not your allies, there are 2 types of monsters in the jungle, (1) Treant, it gives you health when you kill it, but be careful, when you hit it, it will forma circle on the ground that will root…

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